Switzerland, Belgium, or even Tasmania may come to your mind when you think about chocolates. But you may hardly remember Fitzroy in Melbourne when thinking of your favorite chocolate. Yes, it is true. In fact, almost 90 years ago, the favorite Cherry Ripe chocolate was born in Fitzroy Melbourne. This variety has a heady combination of dark chocolate, coconut, and cherries, and many Aussies used it as a “care package” to post to their family and friends who live abroad.

In fact, the cherry ripe chocolate started its life in Melbourne’s first suburb – Fitzroy – they also made another popular chocolate named Freddo Frog. This article provides information on how to choose the right chocolate shop in Melbourne.

The company – which was founded by 19-year-old Mac Robertson in 1880 -in Fitzroy is no more since Cadbury bought it from his heirs in 1967. In fact, they moved the manufacturing plant to Ringwood after that. Cadbury continued to make the popular Cherry Ripe and Freddo Frogs even after purchasing the facility from its original owners. The Ringwood facility was responsible for creating a range of marvelous chocolate products thereafter.

Cadbury’s Melbourne facility is one of the biggest chocolate shops in the region. In fact, more than 200 million chocolates are made in this factory each year. They are distributed around Australia from the Melbourne factory. There are dozens of new chocolate shops that have come up in Fitzroy Melbourne. Most of these places make and serve couverture chocolate – a product that comes with extra cocoa butter to give a high gloss. In fact, there are so many chocolate shops in Melbourne. You need to be cautious when finding the right chocolate shop in Melbourne. With a host of shops in the region, you need to know where to look for when choosing the best chocolate shop in Melbourne.

Here are some of the popular chocolate shops in Melbourne where you can buy couverture chocolate.

Chocolate Shop Melbourne | Cacao

If you are looking for the best chocolate shop Melbourne, you have come to the right place. Cacao is a popular chocolate shop located at Driver Lane, CBD; 52 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda; Doncaster and Highpoint shopping centers. Some of the most popular chocolate products provided by them include star bunnies ($16), Mr Eggs ($8 for one), Emu eggs ($16), and Smarty Pants ($22). The co-founders of the shop – Laurent Meric and Tim Clark – are quite creative in producing some of the best chocolates in Australia.


This is a boutique chocolate shop that was established in South Yarra about seven years ago. The facility has two stores – one at 250 Toorak Road, South Yarra and the other at 245 Collins Street, Melbourne. The shop has a great Easter range of chocolates like the scooter bunny ($25), filled eggs (from $14), and the attractive chook ($29). This is another great chocolate shop in Melbourne today.

Monsieur Truffe

This is another popular chocolate shop in Melbourne. It is located at 351 Lygon Street, Brunswick East. It is a trendy space where artisan chocolate making is done in big volumes. You can buy a single-origin chocolate Rabbit in a Car ($16) or a Small Rooster ($11) from this chocolate shop Melbourne.

Koko Black

This is another popular chocolate shop Melbourne. Most of the Koko Black’s products are made at this site (Royal Arcade shop #4). You can stand in the arcade looking at the manufacturing process for ages and you won’t get fed-up of the process. This is a little oasis in this busy city that is worth a visit.


This is another popular chocolate shop Melbourne that is famous for its chili chocolate recipe. In fact, you can decide on the level of chilliness that needs to go into the chocolate. This shop has two venues at the Hub Arcade, off Royal Arcade and The Emporium on Lonsdale in the CBD (level 3). You can get some of the best chocolate recipes from this place.

If you are searching for the best chocolate shop inMelbourne, you have come to the right place. There are many chocolate shops in Melbourne, but all these are not the same. The above read offers information on how to choose the right chocolate shop Melbourne.